Frequently Asked Questions

We would be happy to replace the missing or broken part for you so you can finish your build! Please contact with the model name, the specific part number that is missing, and a shipping address.
Each manual has a full listing of all of its included parts on the first page.
Probably not! We intentionally include some extras for commonly misplaced parts such as pins, spacers, or smaller connectors. This way you can always complete the build successfully, even if you drop a pin between the seat cushions!
The easiest way to remove a pin or other connector is to push gently on the back side of the pin with a finger or other VEX part, releasing its snap hold.

If the back side is not accessible (such as for a pin stuck into a motor), simply attach a beam to the exposed side of the connector pin and remove with a “twisting” motion.

Check out this YouTube video to see what we mean!
Many parts, such as shafts or angle beams, have a “1:1” next to their step in the manual. This means that the printed part is exactly the same size as its real-world complement - simply place the part on top of the printed manual to confirm its size and shape.
Build Instructions
VEX Robotics kits are not intended to be one-off models. By inspiring students to iterate and develop their own designs, VEX helps students get excited about the engineering design process - without even realizing it! To help spur this creative mindset, some kits include 'alternate' builds that use the same parts
No, each only contains enough parts for one model at a time.
We are constantly adding more resources to help you succeed - check back soon, or let us know which resources you would like to see by emailing!
Look for the “power” symbol on the Build Instructions page - these models contain additional instructions to take them to the next level by motorizing and automating them!
Balls in eight different colors can be purchased from the VEX IQ online store.
The most common causes for Ball Machine troubles are improper gear alignment. First make sure that you’re using the most recent build instructions, and then double check any steps that use gears, especially the following:
- Handoff: Step 35
- Hexcalator: Steps 36, 39